6 March 2015

Common Frogs Rana temporaria and spawn in pond West Runton North Norfolk March

Spring has sprung with my local pond packed with frogs and spawn.  This image was  taken on the Nikon 810 and  10.5 mm fisheye lens with an Aquatech housing.  I try and steer clear of using flash but that does mean it is only possible to make decent images underwater n the pond on really bright days.

25 February 2015

King Penguins Aptenodytes patagonicus at dawn  St Andrews Bay South Georgia

It’s been a long time since I last posted, primarily because I’ve been on an extended trip to South Georgia.  This image was taken on a magical dawn at St Andrews Bay in mid January.

18 December 2014


A female Ptarmigan from Cairngorm.  I saw more than 200 Ptarmigan this week on the tops but surprisingly for a confiding species this was the only bird that allowed approach.  I wonder whether shooting pressure is causing this timid behaviour.

4 November 2014


Looking down on the autumnal canopy of a Beech forest.

23 October 2014


Now the easterly winds enjoyed here on the east coast have turned westerly bird excitement has died away.  The last hurrah came at the weekend when on Sunday at Walsey Hills this Long-eared Owl sat patiently while its many admirers clicked away. This image taken with the Nikon V1 and adapter on my 400 mm f2.8 lens.