7 December 2017


A big thank you to Photo Raptors in Spain for the opportunity to photograph the magnificent Spanish Imperial Eagle.  I also spent time shooting vultures.  When this Griffon spotted the camera it could not resist a selfie!

July 2017

Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta Cley Norfolk

It’s wader time here on the Norfolk coast.  The breeding Avocets pictured here are now being joined by passage waders arriving from their Arctic breeding grounds.  This is just the sort of image I love to create, strong graphic lines and very simple.

4 May 2016

Barn Owl, Tyto alba hunting at night North Norfolk May

The Barn Owls here in Norfolk all have chicks now and are busy feeding hungry mouths around the clock.  This image of a bird close to home was photographed close to midnight yesterday.

26 April 2016


I am just back from a very enjoyable week with the boys from Photo-Logistics in Spain.  Photographic highlights included jumping Little Bustards and close encounters with vultures.