4 May 2016

Barn Owl, Tyto alba hunting at night North Norfolk May

The Barn Owls here in Norfolk all have chicks now and are busy feeding hungry mouths around the clock.  This image of a bird close to home was photographed close to midnight yesterday.

26 April 2016


I am just back from a very enjoyable week with the boys from Photo-Logistics in Spain.  Photographic highlights included jumping Little Bustards and close encounters with vultures.

14 April 2016


Some nice hare action this morning soon after dawn.  Taken with a Nikon D810, 1.7 x teleconverter and the 400 mm f2.8.

30 March 2016


I’ve spent these last few mornings with a very confiding hare.  Every couple of hours she has a wash as pictured here.