Monthly Archives: April 2014

22 April 2014


This spring has seen some spectacular floral shows in our woodlands not least Bluebells that are as good as I can remember.  This is the delicate Wood Sorrel a tiny plant that grows on the woodland floor and often on mossy covered fallen trunks.

16 April 2014


Blue skies in April mean long days in the field, simply because there is so much to do.  Yesterday started at 4.30 am and finished at around 8 pm when this image was taken.  There is something humbling about peering up at an Oak as large as this.  Pollarded over many centuries this tree might be more than 300 years old.

14 April 2014


As our summer migrants pour into the country this is perhaps my favourite time of year for bird photography.  With hedgerows awash in flowering Blackthorn there are plenty of appealing backdrops to try and capture birds in.  I photographed this Chiffichaff early this morning along a sheltered piece of hedge near Blakeney.  Shortly after a Barn Owl drifted by the first I have photographed in North Norfolk for a couple of months.

9 April 2014


If you have visited Norfolk this winter in the hope of photographing a Barn Owl you will know they are in short supply after two hard winters then a wet and windy one.  Fingers crossed for a good breeding season.  This image was taken three years ago when in favourable weather I could almost guarantee encountering half a dozen out hunting.  I will be talking about photographing Barn Owls in a joint presentation with Jari Peltomaki as we celebrate the publication of Owls at the Liminghanlahti Bird Photography Festival later this month.

2 April 2014

Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis) Sumburgh Shetland

In just two short months I will be back on Shetland leading our ever popular Shetland photo week.  We are full for this year but dates for 2015 will be published soon.  Here is an image of a Fulmar from two years ago taken in late evening light at Sumburgh Head.